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It all began in the basement…

In 2006, the Swedish brand Geggamoja emerged from the deep passion of two mothers for children's clothing, uniting their dream as sisters and women to create something meaningful together.

Geggamoja lives and breathes sustainability by offering organic children's clothing and products with unique quality and playful design. In other words, functional products that allow children to be children with the future in mind. In every stitch and garment there is a story of care – to take responsibility for the world which our children and coming generations will grow up and live in.

Do you want to contribute to the story of a sustainable and playful future?
Let Geggamoja be your child's first step!

  • 2006

    Grandpa`s basement is transformed...

    Anna’s son Edvin is three years old and Anna thinks that many kid’s clothes are dull, and the designs non-compelling. Anna begins designing while the sisters’ mother Agneta, who conveniently enough is a trained seamstress, begins sewing in her own studio in Enebyberg. Sara jumps on board and takes responsibility for sales. The name Geggamoja comes up during a brainstorm at the advertising agency where Anna is production manager.

    The first products to be created in the studio are caps, blankets and cuddly blankets.

    Grandpa’s basement is transformed. Anna and Sara’s grandparents are kind enough to make their store’s basement available as first shop / office. The name becomes GEGGAMOJA HALVNYTT & HELNYTT (“semi-new and completely new”). The shop sells Geggamoja products and used children’s clothing in good condition. Anna quits the advertising agency and begins working full time on designing children’s clothes. Sara leaves the large music company. Sales are now made through www.geggamoja.com as well.



  • 2007

    Inspiration is born

    Two small Geggamoja babies are welcomed to planet Earth. The office and the studio in Enebyberg become like a second home for cousins Vilgot and Valter, while Edvin goes to pre-school. Spilled porridge over the keyboard, VAT returns covered in scribbles and doodles, sales calls timed according to bedtimes. New ideas come knocking at the door every week and fun new clothes take shape. Popular products such as the “foot blankets”, fleece caps, caps, collars, bibs etc. are created now.

    The office gets its first dealer (Thank you, Lilla Helsingborg boutique!). Towards the end of 2007, Geggamoja counts 10 retailers in Sweden and the demand for the brand’s products is increasing.

    All products are still being made in mother Agneta’s studio. She is as industrious as the little birds sewing Cinderella’s ball gown on Christmas Eve


  • 2008

    Things is really happening...

    Geggamoja becomes Geggamoja AB. The Formex exhibition at Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre, followed by fashion fairs in Denmark. Requests now really begin to stream in. By the end of the year, we are surrounded by more or less 60 dealers. Hooray! Now we have to fix the business card – Anna gets very anxious over what title she should have, “designer” sounds pretentious, she believes. If the card can read “Mom / Designer”, she is okay with it. But there is a problem with this title upon contact with foreign suppliers, and the budget does now allow for two different cards. Designer shall it be. Jante is not a partner in this firm, says his sister.

    Fleece outerwear and footmuffs take their place in the collection. Most of the clothes are still sewn in the studio. Mom is still the best, but she needs help. The sisters receive good tips and sniff out the most talented producers, and parts of the production begin to be sewn professionally in Lithuania and India.

    The Topline cap is launched and sells very well (to this day it is our top seller). Tens of thousands of Topline caps are worn by small children every year. Striped, solid colour or patterned – everyone will find their favourite.

    Grandpa’s cellar begins to feel packed like a sardine box. Party tents are set up when orders from around the country have to be put together. Family and friends help out, working late nights to put together orders and arrange the inventory.


  • 2009

    Organic is logic...

    Hej då, Morfar! Vi flyttar ända till tvärs över gatan. 160 kvm kontor och lager. Stort steg för ett litet företag.
    Efterfrågan på ekologiska barnkläder och produkter ökar. Geggamoja blir ett av de första företagen som arbetar med GOTS-certifierade leverantörer.
    Att välja ekologiska och hållbara material jämfört med konventionella material bidrar till att skydda natur och djur samt människan som arbetar med produktion. Kostar lite mer men är värt det. Som en följd lanseras en ny slogan:


    Första produktkatalogen fotograferas och familj och vänners barn ställer upp som modeller!



  • 2010

    Play in Geggamoja…

    Goodbye, Grandpa! We move all the way across the street. 525 square feet of office and warehouse. It is a huge step for a small business.

    The demand for organic baby clothing and products increases. Geggamoja will be one of the first companies to work with GOTS-certified suppliers. Choosing organic and sustainable materials over conventional materials helps protect nature and animals as well as the humans who work with production.

    The first product catalogue is photographed, with family and friends’ children acting as models!



  • 2011

    Geggamoja store

    Geggamoja Store, the address of our first own boutique is Grev Turegatan 10, in downtown Stockholm near Stureplan. Not much more than a hole in the wall, but it gives us a place in the capital where we can showcase the entire collection, and can also test store sales for new models. A place where we have direct contact with customers and can have a dialogue about what is going well or not so well.

    We let the kids design! In 2011 we hold a competition where children can send in their striped designs. The winner is a blue and yellow Sweden hat created by a 9-year- old boy from Vemdalen.

    Feet become the main point – almost. Geggamoja starts producing sneakers. Now we begin tripping on Geggamoja Sneakers in the hallway... Geggamoja shoes are launched.

    Geggamoja in book form! We release the book “Kapten Geggamoja”!



  • 2012

    We love stripes...

    We love colours and stripes, now up to the point that we combine several colours in the same pattern. Multi-stripes rule!

    Princess Estelle is born and Geggamoja is interviewed by TV4. we hope that the new princess will wear Swedish children’s clothing.
    What can we do to make life better? We begin our cooperation with Spädbarnsfonden, a non-profit organization that supports those who lost a child during pregnancy or during the child's first year.



  • 2013

    We are growing...


    We move again, to even larger premises. We are now six employees.

    Our first stuffed animal, Doddi, comes to life in spring 2013. A sweet puppy dog made from recycled residual fabrics from our collections. A rather natural consequence of the environmental awareness we share with our customers. It feels wrong to throw away leftover fabrics. The name comes from the nickname Anna’s son Vilgot gave to his cousin Valter.

    Pretty for Christmas! Our first Christmas collection is launched. It is well received and becomes super popular. Who doesn’t want to look extra pretty for Christmas in Geggamoja clothing. 

  • 2014

    We exist...

    The demand for organic products is growing more and more and Geggamoja becomes GOTS-certified. We are one of the three Swedish children’s clothing brands that have this certification. Feels good! Now not only are our suppliers audited, but so are we.

    We pat ourselves on the shoulders – we are nominated by fashion magazine HABIT as Children’s clothing supplier of the year!

    ”Safe in the family business’s professional and personal entrepreneurship and with the will to build good relationships, Geggamoja grows steady and strong, of its own merits. The business concept of organic production of babies’ and children’s clothing, in safe designs for a conscious audience, the smooth deliveries and payment procedures as well as the sales through retailers, online shop and own store, encounter a wide market and demand. A great focus on the costumer, responsiveness and innovation characterize a brand of great quality with feeling and uniqueness in the designs. ”

    “What an honour, and how proud we are of this nomination! It gives us extra energy and strength to continue working in the same spirit, and to create the best Geggamojan together with our customers and partners ," - says Anna Rietz, one of the founders of Geggamoja.

    Product development continues and the next cuddly toy is Kokki the monkey. It is made using residual fabrics from other collections, just like Doddi the dog. The name is Sara’s son Valter’s nickname for his cousin Vilgot.

    From stripes and solid colours to all-over prints! In 2014 we sew our first items in printed fabric. Stars and dots in an amazing mix. Naturally, all produced using sustainable materials.


  • 2015

    A Non Smoking Generation...

    We launch Geggamoja Classic – a basic collection in black and pink, in true Geggamoja spirit.

    Quite suddenly, we realize that a dozen agents around the world are working for us and that we exhibit in at least 6 trade fairs a year. We can be found through 250 dealers outside Sweden. Our best markets are Germany and Switzerland.

    "Working with the fantastic Brand Geggamoja is a huge privilege for me. Have daily to do with the proffessional and ambitious people behind this Brand is an enrichment, also because I`m Swedish and live and Work in Switzerland, Its a bit "home".

    I`m very happy to be part of the "Geggamoja Family" - Nina Kern, Agent 

    We want to make life better for more people! We participate in a campaign with A Non Smoking Generation.

    - Achieving a smoke-free generation requires many forces and that is the basis for this cooperation. Together we want to create a safer and healthier environment, says Ann- Therese Enarsson, board chairman for A Non Smoking Generation.

    In the past 35 years, A Non Smoking Generation has made a difference thanks to their innovative advocacy, training and inspiring young people in thousands of schools. Lately we are engaged in efforts to introduce a no smoking policy in outdoor cafes, playgrounds and public transportation stops.

    - Anything that can bring benefit to children is important. That’s why it felt great to begin this cooperation with A Non Smoking Generation, says Sara Marmsjö, one of the founders of Geggamoja.





  • 2016

    We do not ditch our best friends...

    The children who first wore Geggamoja clothes are now 10 years old and we are increasing our sizes up to 146/152. We grow with our customers' children, one can safely say. We are continuing to work on functionality! Who doesn’t love clothes that can make life easier? One example is the pyjamas with two-way zipper.

    Our efforts to create Swedens most sustainable children’s clothing company continues.
    We do not own any factories, instead we have about 10 different suppliers in six countries. Most of the suppliers, just like us, are family business that care about good, long-term relationships.


  • 2017

    What a dream!

    What a dream!
    The market for children's and children's clothing is increasing and ecommerce is growing very fast! We move our warehouse to Dream Logistics - to be able to offer our customers a faster service and delivery!

    The range of our baby shops is expanded and we enter into an agreement with the Swedish chain Babyproffsen and you can find Geggamoja at the Norweigian chain Babyshop.



  • 2018

    Online Only & Classic is born

    We want to offer our customers unique products available only at www.geggamoja.com. Only online. The range includes everything from outerwear to baby products, these products can only be purchased at www.geggamoja.com - We move our office back to the roots in Enebyberg.  Geggamoja Store closes on Grev Turegatan in favor of rebuilding on the street. We launch a new Classic Clothes collection!



  • 2019

    New www.geggamoja.com

    2019 is the year when we launch a new ecommerce to simplify for you as a customer.  For us, it is important to give you as a customer a frictionless e-commerce experience. We launch Geggamoja Club - a memberclub for you!


  • 2020

    Challenges and opportunities

    The year that did not turn out as expected..

    Covid-19 hit us all by storm and as entrepreneurs we had to roll up our sleeves and become even more creative to meet new needs. Things we took for granted now became something that was rumored away from us. B2B meetings are being digitized and a shaky world is affecting stores around Sweden and the world. As an entrepreneur, you love challenges and, as often, choose to see the possibilities - of course we did too. We met new target groups online that required extra care and information - exciting and educational.


  • 2021

    We will be more

    We are growing and meeting our new customers on e-commerce. Oh, so many web boards coming in!
    Jennie is hired to take care of customer service, Katarina to get products up on the e-commerce site, and everything else that needs to be in place to sell online. What stars! We also started with reviews on the website - what do the customers really think of us. Embarrassed by all the nice reviews! Most of the time we do a good job, sometimes we make small mistakes, but we and our team at the warehouse are no more than human. We make sure that everyone is satisfied.

    The effect of Covid 19 showed itself, delayed and missed deliveries and big challenges that we chose to tackle, with a smile on our faces and the goal in sight. We managed to get most of it home, thanks to Anna who is great at solving things. Yes! More children can walk around in our Geggamoja clothes.

  • 2022

    It is burning!


    You read that right. The house on Kvarnängsvägen where we have our office starts to burn, and the office burns to the ground. The firefighters struggle to save as much as they can, but about 95% of all things in the office - burn up. Fortunately, no one was hurt, it was just matter that burned up, but things that can be good to have, when working on designing children's clothes, are now gone. What do we do now? After the years with Covid, we are all used to working remotely. But you certainly miss working close to your colleagues. Luckily, we didn't have our warehouse in the property - so you customers didn't notice that much.

    The positive team that we are, we look ahead and see solutions. The experience was horrible, and it has been a lot of work and took a lot of energy to get everything in order. Now we finally have a new Geggamoja house in Enebyberg - where we create magic together.

    Together we are strong! We launch several collaborations during the year. Geggamoja X Mrs Mighetto - two fantastic collections from two Swedish companies, both of which started in a basement.

    Car seats don't have to be colorless and boring. We are launching a collaboration with Swedish Axkid with colorful covers - smart move we think!

    We like characters with humor - in September we are launching a collection together with Mamma Mu and the crow!

  • 2023

    We want to go abroad

     So, we've realized that the world is like a giant candy bowl and Sweden is just a little piece of sugar in the corner. We have decided to jump out of the safe sugar bowl and go out and explore new markets. People have always been able to shop from all corners of the world, but now we want to make it a little easier and better for our customers. We have started loud and fast by launching Norway, Estonia and Finland and in 2024 we will learn even more languages.
    We feel it's time to show the world what we have to offer!

    We do our best to present our products as comprehensively as possible, but sometimes there are wrong purchases and then you as a customer want to return. In 2023, we launched a new flexible return service, where you as a customer can safely follow your return and we can become even better at understanding why you returned. Smooth huh? You know what, we've reduced our returns thanks to your feedback. Good for us, good for you and good for the environment.

Bib with bow
10,90€ 14,90€
2-pack Muslin blankets Mustard/grey
2-pack Muslin blankets Mustard/grey
17,18€ 22,90€
Kashmini Comb
Cuddly blanket Classic Light grey stripe 41 One Size
Cuddly blanket Classic Light grey stripe 41 One Size
6,50€ 12,90€
Female bathrobe classic Light grey stripe
Female bathrobe classic Light grey stripe
39,90€ 79,90€