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What does a newborn baby need?


As you read this guide, we think you're expecting (or have recently received) an increase in the family. A dizzying time where the family gets to know a new member. We want to help you along the way, here you will read what we think a newborn baby needs.





The first three months after childbirth are usually called the fourth trimester. The infant who lived for nine months in a warm and safe place where her mother's heartbeat is heard all the time, is completely new in the big world. Clothes should be put on, the food does not come automatically, the stomach can rumble, etc. At the same time, the family must make sure that there is another person to take care of around the clock. For the first time, many people recommend having the baby skin-to-skin as much as possible. We at Geggamoja think that baby wrap is a real lifesaver during this first time.

It may be that the baby does not want to sleep at all in the cozy cot you have arranged so nicely, but instead wants to be close (read: on!) To a parent where the warmth and heartbeat are. Despite that, some things should be in place when the family grows up, to avoid arranging it when the baby is brand new.

What you need to buy for a baby:

Clothes are of course good to have, you can read how much in our checklist a little further down. Invest in soft and organic materials, think practically and choose what you like. We love our bamboo pajamas - they are so soft, have a two-way zipper that makes all diaper changes much easier. Bamboo is also a natural material without chemicals, perfect for the baby's skin. Many people prefer to use the body in a wrap-around model for the first time, in order to avoid pulling over their heads. Outdoors, the child should wear a hat or sun hat throughout the first year to protect against cold and sun.

Checklist for newborn babies: 

5- 7 bodies in cotton or bamboo
4-6 pyjamas
3-4 baby pants
zip sweater / cardigan
2-3 thin hats in cotton or bamboo
Baby socks
Bibs / neck collar
Baby blanket / Pacifier blanket

For colder days we recommend:

Clothes in wool
Overalls in fleece or lightweight material
Fleece-lined hat
Wool socks
Travel bag



What size to buy for my newborn baby?

You never know how big / small the baby is when it is born. We have premature clothes from size 40. Size 50/56 is otherwise the size we recommend for the newborns. Geggamoja's clothes are quite spacious in size.



The pram is a place where you also want your little bundle to thrive and have a cozy time. Make a bed and make it cozy or use a comfortable travel bag. A lovely blanket and some stuffed animal or pendant make it personal and familiar. Having products that smell familiar and accompany you in everyday life makes the little one feel safe and then think of good and durable products. We also strike a blow for our UV curtain. Perfect to use on sunny days when the sun's rays find their way into the pram. It is generally important that the child does not get too hot or cold in the pram, feel in the neck. If it is hot and humid, some layer needs to be removed.

The changing table

Another place that you will be spending time is the changing place. Also make this place a cozy moment, where it might be hanging a mobile to watch or a softie friend. A cot that can withstand accidents can be good to invest in, note that you must never leave the infant unattended on the changing table.

The bed

Did you know that the child sleeps about 50-70% during the first six to seven years of life? This is why the child must thrive here. Using a baby nest gives the baby a place to sleep that is safe and secure. During the first years, sleep is important for the child and also for you as a new parent, so make sure it feels cozy for all of you. We have several products in organic materials that we think are suitable for all children. Cozy blankets that you easily take with you from the bed to the pram or at the cozy moment on the sofa.

Geggamoja hopes you enjoyed this guide and that you found some new favorites. We wish you good luck with the new family member.


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2-pack Muslin blankets Mustard/grey
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