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Voodrita kummiksaapad Navy 36

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    Super light all-weather boot and completely waterproof. These lovely rubber boots will keep your child's feet dry on rainy days! The material EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate has an amazingly good thermal insulation ability thanks to the millions of air cells that are in the plastic and in these air cells air is collected that is heated by your body heat. EVA material products are generally made with good cushioning, thermal insulation and moisture safety. EVA plastic is completely harmless plastic. Keep in mind when buying boots for your child that the shoe should be 15-20mm larger than the foot. Then a thick sock takes place and there is room for growth. Super light and flexible unlined All-Weather boot.

    • Used in spring, summer and autumn
    • Lightweight boot
    • Perfect for slush

    NOTE! The EVA material is sensitive to heat, do not store the boots under elements or dry on high heat in a drying cabinet. Tips for measuring your child's foot! Take a white sheet and let the child stand on the paper - draw the foot and you can easily measure how big the child's foot is between big toe and heel. Remember to measure both feet as the measurements can vary from foot to foot. Weight in size: 21- 177 g, 28- 268 g, 35- 399 g

    Madalaim hind viimase 30 päeva jooksul enne allahindlust: 43,10€

    Artikli nr.: 27021636
    100% Pu polyurethane/100% Polyester. Sole TPR
    Preferably wipe off by hand with soap and water.
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