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Geggamoja X Mrs Mighetto

Welcome to the little world of Geggamoja- Mini Mighetto
Or maybe it is not so small, a separate universe for this type of creature. It has spread to all corners of the world and infiltrated humanity in a near invisible way, these little characters who live in it. Some take up a lot of space, some live in silence. Some are as big as giants and others are tiny. They are very human, and yet not. They have powers that none of us humans can control.

Their gifts range from powerful magic to small peculiar abilities.

Long Ear & Stella - a collection in organic bamboo.

Bamboo is soft, pliable and very comfortable, like a soft hug around your little child. Bamboo allows the skin to breathe, it feels pleasantly cool when it is warm. Bamboo is especially suitable to have next to the skin and it is often recommended for children with sensitive and easily irritated skin.

The collection includes dresses, t-shirts, trousers, hats, but also blanket blankets, blankets and bedding.

Swimwear / UV clothing, Long Ear

The sun is the light of life, just like our little ones, but be careful. The sun's rays can be harmful and a UV garment protects the small fragile skin.

The collection includes swimsuits, swimming trunks, sun sweaters & trousers, pram protection, sun hats, blankets etc. The collection also includes a "Mini-Me" matching mother swimsuit. The swimwear has UV protection 50+ which protects the skin from the sun's strong rays.

Miss Stella

In the expanses of the fields we gather friends in groups,
preferably early morning when the sun has risen.
One of my friends lives under a canopy,
but when it comes to hats, we have the same taste.

Long ear

Soft paws, shaky nose,
same color as apricot.
Long ears and fur everywhere,
warms nicely when it is cold.