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Customer Service

Please contact our Customer Service at  [email protected]
If you send us an mail please give us your order number.
We will get back to you within 72 hours - please read our frequently asked questions below.


How much is the freight and when will my order be delivered?

An additional fee for shipping will be added to your order. The amount is dependent on where you live.

Norway, Åland, Finland and Denmark 5 Euro (69 SEK)
Europe: 8 Euro (99 SEK)
Outside Europe 12 EURO (129 SEK)
Australia 18 Euro (199 SEK)

We are shipping out you order within 1-2 days and you may have it in 5-10 days depending on where you live. Small packages will come directly to your mailbox - larger order it will be deliverd to the nearest delivery point. Please note that additional cost like custom can be added to your order. This cost will be charged depending on value and weight.

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Can i canceled a placed order?

Yes you can canceled a placed order as long as the order has not left the warehouse- please send us an email to [email protected]
We will do our best to help you out.

I'm trying to place an order with a promotional code but its not working - why?

There can be many reasons why a promotional code can no longer be activated. Here are the most common reasons.

1. You may have used the code before, our codes can only be applyed ones.
2. You have added items in your basket, activated the code but then had problems with the payment. When the code is already used and we ask you to contact [email protected] to get help with you order.
3. Does the code for the goods you have in the basket? Please note many of our promotional codes are not for products at sale.

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I forgot to fill out my promotional code - how do I do?

Unfortunately we can not apply a promotional code to your order afterwards.

How do I make the return?

If you would like to make an exchange or receive a refund for purchased products, the following rules apply.
You need to return and exchange within 14 days. You have the right to open the packaging to look at the goods. The products must be in a non-used condition.
The shipping cost for the return is paid by the customer.
Fill in the returnform.
To return an item, do the following.
1. Fill in the attached returnform. Send the return to: GEGGAMOJA / CO: DreamLogistics Box 195 56624 HABO SWEDEN
2. If you want to make an exchange please contact our Support
3. Customer is responsible for return postage.
4. We will then process your return.

How can I be sure that you have received my order?

Once your order is registered with us, you are automatically in our order confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation e -mail , usually within minutes. Please check that all the data you entered is correct.

If not , please contact us immediately at [email protected].

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Do i pay Swedish tax?

If you are living in a country within the EU you need to pay swedish tax. If you live outside of EU you dont need to pay Swedish Tax. The prices will be automatically shown without swedish tax if you live outside of the EU.

World wide shipping?

At the moment we are not able to ship to the following countrys | Russia | UAE| Do you have any questions dont hesitate to Contact us at [email protected]


I have a product that I want to complain about how do i procced?

Do you have an item that you are not satisfied with, and bought in our webshop, please contact our customer service, and mail a picture and clear information about why you are not satisfied. [email protected]


I would love bying organic products to my children, what is the difference between GOTS and ECO? How eco-friendly is your range?

Most of our products are made from organic cotton and sustainable materials that are certified by GOTS. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

GOTS demands rigid environmental criteria on the entire manufacturing process, from raw material to final product. It includes everything from farming, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and branding. There are strict regulations about chemical use and recycling and waste management. Please read more about or CRS work here:

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How do I wash a garment Geggamoja best?

Geggamojas wash clothes best at 40 degrees . About 5 % shrinkage can occur so the dryer does not . All our garments are labeled with detailed cleaning information.

Think of the environment! Wash in cold temperatures.

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How do I see the sizes of your clothes ?

If you find a product in our shop you are interested about and press the size guide so there will be a custom guide for that product.

Our clothes are spacious in size. Jeans and trousers often have adjustable elastic waistband . More information can be found under the respective items. Do you miss any information, please email us and we will help you.[email protected].

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How cold climate capable overalls from Geggamoja ?

It is impossible to give a precise answer to this question because every child is different , even when it comes to how sensitive they are to cold.

However, it is important to think in layers for the bottom and middle layer can be put on or taken off by changing weather conditions , temperature conditions , and depending on how active the child is . Our overalls are hot when the lining is of Thermolite and makes the overall very easy and smooth while it heats . In addition, breathing material , it protects against wind and keeps moisture away from the inner layers.

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Do Geggamoja overall contains flourcarbones?

Our overalls are treated with a water repellent impregnation of BIONIC ECO® finish that is completely free from flourocarbons . Please read more here about BIONIC Finish ECO®

What do you mean by a garment "breathe" ?

When children play outdoors, it is a good idea that they have waterproof clothes on , at least at the bottom. Moist skin is cooled up to 20 times faster than dry skin. It is not enough that the clothes are waterproof , they have to transport moisture away from the skin as well, ie breathe.

The moisture from the body transported out of the garment through microscopic pores in the material, which leads moisture out but does not let moisture penetrate the garment.

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What payment terms do you apply on

At you can pay with VISA, MasterCard, and Eurocard. There are no additional charges when paying with these payments methods.

If you live in Norway or finland you can pay your order by Klarna. There are no additional charges for invocies.

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What are my payment options ?

Today , you can pay your goods in with VISA / MasterCard or invoice via Klarna . Both payment methods are free.

Your data is protected by a Swedish company called dibs . DIBS manages online verification of credit cards in a safe , fast and easy way . Read more Via Klarna we offer you to pay for your order by invoice . A quick credit check made ​​in connection with your order and you receive immediately if it has been approved. Of payment is 14 days. Remember that you must fill in the correct address and zip code when you sign up for your invoice will be approved . Do you have a question regarding your bill , please contact our partner Klarna administering all our invoices. You can reach them by calling 08-120120 00 or by email : [email protected] NOTE ! Pay the bill only applies to customers residing in Sweden.

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I wish to pay by card , but my payment is not igenom- why?

Card payments can be denied for several reasons : If your card expired? Have you filled in your information correct? Correct CVC code ? Have you activated your card for e-commerce ? If the problem persists, please contact your bank or credit card issuer .

How can I be sure that you have received my order?

Once your order is registered with us, you are automatically in our order confirmation page . You will also receive a confirmation e -mail , usually within minutes. Please check that all the data you entered is correct. If you havent recived a orderconfirmation please contact us immediately at [email protected] .

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Do I need to register to shop at

No you do not need to register a account to shop at

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